The Campaign

John Rath, anniversary chairman, and April Gozza, anniversary development consultant

In November 2014, Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress announced an overall plan for the 50th anniversary of the regional research and policy organization.

Plans  include “Pattern for the Future,” a campaign to raise $1,000,000 to support a research agenda over multiple years on three fronts – revitalization of the Hudson Valley’s urban areas, innovations in the public education system and Pattern’s ongoing regional solutions agenda, which includes work in infrastructure, housing and community development.

A $400,000 grant from the Ford Foundation gets the campaign well on its way.

Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress was founded in 1965 by business, academic and civic leaders at a time of intensive debate about the future of the region. Pattern’s mission, then as it is now, is to seek balanced and sustainable solutions to enhance the growth and vitality of the Hudson Valley.

“As we approach the 50th anniversary of Pattern for Progress, I think back to the vision and purpose the founders had in forming a regional organization focused on critical issues impacting the Hudson Valley. Then and now, Pattern exists to help preserve the beauty, vitality and quality of life we all enjoy in the Hudson Valley by providing an independent voice on tough issues many can’t or won’t undertake. I am honored to chair the anniversary campaign as we continue to fulfill this mission.”

 – 50th Anniversary Chairman John Rath


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