Campaign News

Supporters Push Pattern Past Half-Way Mark in 50th Anniversary Campaign
Crystal Run Healthcare Joins as a Major Anniversary Sponsor

May 21, 2015 – Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress has reached an important milestone in raising $1 million in its 50th Anniversary Campaign, “Pattern for the Future.” The organization has recently surpassed the half-way mark in the fundraising effort, campaign chairman John Rath said this week. The campaign has raised in excess of $650,000.

The addition of Crystal Run Healthcare to the major sponsors of the campaign helped the nonprofit policy organization reach this point, Rath said. Crystal Run Healthcare joins Westchester Medical Center and Sterling National Bank as major 50th anniversary supporters.

In addition to 50th anniversary year events including an upcoming fall gala, a committee of Hudson Valley business, education and nonprofit leaders is conducting an anniversary year campaign. Funds raised in “Pattern for the Future” will go 100% to the support of two broad-based initiatives that have the capacity to boost quality of life in the region for the long-term.

Pattern’s work on the Urban Action Agenda is aimed at revitalizing the cities and urban centers of the Hudson Valley so that there is ample opportunity for growth. In these urban centers, infrastructure already exists and there is proximity to mass transit and cultural amenities. Support for this initiative was kicked off in late 2014 by a Ford Foundation grant.

Pattern’s effort to rethink the way public education is delivered in New York State and the Hudson Valley takes shape in The Center for New Models in Education. Innovation in the delivery of education will be explored at the Center, with the most promising new ideas tested here in the Hudson Valley. The Center will seek to examine how new systemic approaches might lead to improved results, greater efficiency and to the possibility of lower taxes in the Hudson Valley’s 122 districts and beyond.

“The enthusiastic support of the campaign is gratifying and shows that so many organizations and individuals are attuned to the dynamic role that Pattern has played in preserving and promoting the quality of life in the Hudson Valley,” said Rath.

Pattern President and CEO Jonathan Drapkin said he is thrilled to see such robust support. “The funds we are raising now will help us continue to tackle issues essential to our mission in the Hudson Valley,” Drapkin said. “We feel very positive as we head into the next phase of the campaign.”


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