Urban Action Agenda


With an aging population and a diminishing number of 18-34 year olds,  the Hudson Valley needs to find ways to grow again.

UAA map1The cities and urban centers of the Hudson Valley, with a few exceptions, are in trouble. Industry has all but disappeared and the blight that strikes places like Detroit is around almost any corner in the heart of any small city in the region. Jobs are in short supply. Crime creates a concern that these cities are unsafe.

The small cities and urban centers of the Hudson Valley each has its own measure of challenge as they often continue to suffer with little investment and a debilitating cycle of poverty.

Pattern proposes to help revitalize and grow in the region’s urban areas where infrastructure exists and there is proximity to mass transit, jobs and cultural amenities. Taken together, the urban centers form a nucleus of potential in the eyes of Pattern for Progress. In the Urban Action Agenda, Pattern seeks to map a new course for the Valley through the revival of its urban centers. The $700,000 initiative is funded in part by the Ford Foundation with a $400,000 grant over three years. “Pattern for the Future” aims to raised the remaining $300,000 through further donor and foundation support.


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